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sarah james
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Default Dropped barbell on upper back during snatch

Hello..last week I was snatching and did not completely lock out my arms, and I dropped the barbell on my upper back. It was 42kg..unlike times in the past a barbell has rolled down my back, this pretty violently struck my back..and I was instantly in pain. I had to lay there for a while before I could move..at first I thought I had seriously injured myself. As a fairly new olympic weightlifter, this is really the first injury I've experienced. I immediately went to a doctor, got an x ray..they told me nothing serious, just swelling..it's not even visibly bruised, just tight and painful when the muscle is used. I felt a lot better and decided to try and squat. Empty barbell was fine. Loaded some weight...no way..very painful. Back or front squats. Tried overhead squats..no. Tried snatching/cleaning an empty barbell...no. So far I've been able to do some lunges, benchpress and actually tried a hack squat machine in my attempts to find something to make up for a squat. My question is, how long until I'm able to actually get back to olympic lifting? And in the meantime, what can I do to at least maintain my strength level?
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