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Allan Young
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Default 5 Week front squat emphasis program

Hi guys, wasn't sure where to put this but would just like to do a quick intro. I am 22 and from Glasgow, Scotland. Have been strength training since I was 18 and done u90kg strongman for a few years. Decided to give weightlifting a try about a year ago as I had access to a coach for the first time. At the start of the year my strength work was going well and as I was coming to the end of that block I managed to get injured back squatting. After a few weeks of recovery I was feeling better and able to front squat with no pain so that's where I found the front squat program.

I ran it leading up to the Scottish Open where I hit a 97/118 in the 85s which was a 5kg PB total, 2kg PR snatch (6kg competition PR) and cleaned a PR 124kg but failed the jerk on a pressout.

This qualified me for the British u23s which is on the 15th June. I am on week 5 of the two-phase advanced cycle which I am enjoying also.

My technique seems to be improving (still a long way to go) and I think I'm finally adapting to the WL style of training as my front and back squat are coming back to what they were.

Didn't mean to make this too long but I mainly wanted to say thanks for the programs and I am looking forward to running more in the future!
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