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Blake Barnes
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On the snatch, you're hanging in the air too. On the extension, try to stay connected to the platform a little longer. It looks like you pick up your feet too much which is causing a slower transition underneath the bar on the third pull. It looks like you even jump to the side a little bit on the second snatch. The feet shifting is a very slight movement. To help make that transition quicker, try some tall snatches and some dip snatches. Focus on being more aggressive on that third pull and changing directions faster.

On the jerk, you're shortening up the leg drive and trying to split the feet too soon. Keep driving through the floor until you're fully extended before you go to the split. Also, your elbows are a little soft on the (which may be why you're getting red-lighted) and they're forward. It's hard to critique without a side view but it just looks like your shoulders are just tight which could be the cause for both of these issues. Try to do some mobility work for the shoulders daily before your training.
Blake Barnes
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