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Scotty Hagnas
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Originally Posted by Robb Wolf View Post
Oh absolutely IMO. I don't know if it was Kelly's site or the Dos Remidios site but they had a football preseason conditioning program. 3 days per week of HEAVY lifting and 3 days of a boat-load of sprints. Some up to 100m but loads of 10,20 40 etc. SHORT rest periods too. It looked like an ass kicker if one really got in and hustled on the runs. I think a recommendation like the above might be handy if you are fishing for some low level restoration work AND you are trying like crazy to avoid fiber type transition.

It's an interesting balance to keep but one can really enhance that ubber explosive fiber expression via tapering. Loads of hard work...even METcon type CF work mixed with heavy training then, drop the GPP way back and taper the strength/power training. In my practice I will have perhaps one person every 2 years that needs that level of tinkering. Most folks will benefit enormously form a generalist approach.

One can also orient training towards a Power Bias. For example instead of a 400m run in a Helen workout one could perform 10x40m shuttle runs, then the rest of the WO. The acceleration/deceration is likely MUCH more specific to most activities than a hard 400m run.

I could see folks in the military and police really benefititng form a mix of these approaches.
Hey Robb-

With this version of a power bias approach, would you do the 40s at the start, then finish with 3X 21swings and 12pullups? (no further runs), or do the 400s in rounds 2 and 3?

I really like the short runs. We have been doing some zig zag 30s in interval circuits lately.

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Robb Wolf
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I'd do all of them 40's. Possibly the break between rounds as well.
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