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Brad Hirakawa
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I've wondered about that...

For runny yolk - sunny side up: Should we cook as fast as possible over high heat or cook slowly over low heat. Wonder which would preserve the good stuff in the yolk better?
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Mike ODonnell
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lower heat....temp is what destroys EFA structure...not really the duration of it...so even if shorter period of time, high heat has already done the damage....of course not an exact science...
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Garrett Smith
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Low and slow, just like cooking grassfed beef...
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Craig Cooper
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Garrett, thanks for the reminder, I've been cooking my eggs fast and high, not even thinking about damaging the n-3s. Also, buying organic, omega-3 infused eggs isn't that much better than buying conventional eggs. The chickens are still fed grain, it's just organic grain. They are still raised indoors or in cages. Even "Free Range" eggs that you find in the supermarket are just given "access to pasture" which means that there's a small door in the pen that leads to a small patch of grass (they don't ever use it. They are raised indoors, so they have no desire to go outside). The only way to ensure that the chickens that laid the eggs you want to eat roamed free and ate grass and bugs is to get them direct from a farmer or a farmer's market.
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