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Derek Simonds
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Default Derek Jr O-Lifting

I was going to post this in the weightlifting forum but Greg's response was so incredible it needs to stay on the front page for a while (Yeah I am a suck-up ).

I bought a William bar from Pendlay. It is an aluminum shaft and weighs in at 5 KG. I played around with it and it is actually really cool.

Here is my 7 year old gymnast son doing a snatch and some front squats. I have been teaching him the Burgener warm up. I opened the bar and checked it out and he called me Monday night and was so excited that he had his new bar and was doing snatches. I asked him not to do it when I am not around.


Peter I think I will have to pay some attention to that old text on coaching lifters you found

I am really torn because I have told him that he couldn't start using weights until he was 12. Bodyweight exercises only. But I bought the bar because I didn't want him to use a 45 lb regular bar when I wasn't around. Which is what any kid would do.

I am ramlbing, I ramble, I have rambled.
What we think, or what we know, or what we believe, is in the end, of little consequence. The only thing of consequence is what we do. -John Ruskin

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Steve Liberati
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His form looks great. Must be one of PMenu's rising stars. Keep us updated.
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Rick Deckart
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5kg should be fine. I had several chats with some of the national olympic coaches over here, still digest what they do with the kids, mostly a versatile athletic education but also the lifts, but with no loading for quite a while. There is a study about careers of successfull champion lifters. They had ALL training information in this study, including what they did with age 9--10 years. Most of the top lifters learned a game before they started weightlifting, football (soccer) or gymnastics. According to one of the coaches if you use lifting full time from the getgo and don't invest in this versatile athletic education, you lower the chances to train said athlete to champion level... I will try if I can write something more concise soon...
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Allen Yeh
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Cool stuff!

How I yearn for a fully stocked home gym like that!
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Pierre Auge
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one of the best resources you have available to you is the guy who designed the bar. Glenn knows a whole bunch about training kids. Give him a call and he will talk your ear off about it.

I have not known Glenn that long but consider him a friend, he is very knowledgable and is one of the best young coaches in the USA.
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