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Steve Shafley
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Default More Warm Up stuff

From Defranco's Super Strength DVD.

I've really got to say that the warm up stuff is good on this. I am not real sure about the rest of it, since I haven't viewed it all yet, but the ME work I saw was sloppy in execution.

I am also watching the Parisi warm up DVD, and the Parisi is very similar to Defranco's. Defranco worked for Parisi for a long time.

Upper Body:

1. Bodyweight squat - to raise core temp
2. "X" jumping jacks - cross your arms in front of the body and cross your legs as well, while doing jumping jacks.
3. Clapping jumping jacks (or seal jumping jacks)-emphasize pec and shoulder dynamic stretch
4. Jumping jacks
5. Jumpstretch band shoulder dislocates
6. Static Lat stretching (if benching next)
7. Band pec stretching (if doing back work or chins next)
8. Sleeper external rotator cuff stretch (google it, there are pictures out there)
9. plyo push ups (clapping) for CNS excitement - before bench work
10. Med ball chest passes against wall, again, for the CNS excitement
11. Lat pulldowns (before back work, for CNS excitement)

Lower Body:

1. glute/ham bridges
2. supine straight leg lifts (stretch hamstrings, warm up hip flexors)
3. bent knee "iron cross" (on back, knees up and go from side to side)
4. Roll overs to V-sits (roll legs back over head, then roll forward into a V-sit and reach)
5. Bird dogs
6. Fire hydrant circles
7. scorpions (like Verstegan)
8. Mountain climbers, with knee outside of arm
9. Groiners (push up position->jump into wide stance squat with hands still on ground)
10. Hip flexor stretches
11. Box jumps (CNS stimulus)
12. Weighted calf stretch/achilles tendon stretch
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