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Elliot Royce
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Great reply, Greg. I'm going to give some of those a try (filling chest, etc.). I feel like I've still got more force production in me simply through technique. There's also something about getting it all to work together, isn't there? Sometimes it just seems to snap up there and sometimes it feels like 2-3 different stages.
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Derek Simonds
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I put into practice the keys that Greg posted and I felt a ton more stable. What was the most interesting to me was that I have been doing a push jerk instead of a split jerk this entire time. Switching to the split jerk was easier than I would have imagined.

I am going to shoot some video this weekend and I will post.

Last question I have really long arms and I am struggling with how far apart to place my hands. I have played with several positions my pull and squat feel better the closer my hands are and my jerk feels better the further apart my hands are. Should I just split the distance and go with a middle position? Right now I put my open hand on the bar so that the knurling starts directly under each thumbnail. That means my hands are about 2 inches in from the knurling.
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Greg Everett
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Why settle for the average? Pull with the grip you like and switch grips prior to your jerk. Adjusting the grip between the clean and jerk is pretty common--some adjustments are very significant. It may take you awhile to figure out the best way to make the adjustment, but it's less work to learn an adjustment than to force yourself to jerk with a less than ideal grip.
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John Alston
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Go to the local coaches.
I say, if you don't need internet coaching - you live 30min from 3 of the gyms you say - save the questions for a live coach. There could easily be something you are missing yourself, not telling us, and therefore we're all missing something vital.
I don't mean to denegrate online help, but a coach can watch you do a dozen jerks in minutes, whereas no one here has seen you do one.
Personally I like to use the net to strategize and search for ideas, but when it comes to practice, I consider myself lucky that I have a gym with (a) coach(es) and plenty of experienced people who can see me in action. I can't imagine I'd have made the progress I have without them. (That being said, I am often very impressed by what self-taught people have accomplished with the Classical lifts.)
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