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Elliot Royce
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Originally Posted by Don Stevenson View Post
0Age: 27

Clean Pull: 160kg - Ellito for it to be a pull it's got to be explosive!
Two comments:

at age 27, a lot more things about me were explosive! At age 45, things have a slower rhythm...

Seriously, the 2nd pull was as explosive as I think it can be when one is maxing out. I came up on my toes, etc. I thought the point was not to yank the bar off the ground. It came up slowly and steadily and accelerating until I had it to the belly button.
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Troy Archie
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Age: 25
Bodyweight: 72.5
Back Squat: 110
Clean: 70
Clean Pull:
Deadlift: 152.5
Front Squat: 100
Jerk: 70
Power Clean: 70
Power Snatch: 45
Snatch Pull:
Snatch: 45
Overhead Squat:

Just started playing around with the Oly lifts about a month ago...My lifts in relationship to other lifts are a bit scewed...a 100kg FS and 110kg BS don't jive but there it is...
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Don Stevenson
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1. Apologies for mistyping your name

2. your comment was

"Clean Pull: 160
Deadlift: ? what's the difference with a clean pull?"

The difference is in the explosive nature of the second pull and the end position.

Deadlift - Slow off the floor, not much faster above the knee, feet remain flat and there is no shrug.

Clean pull - slow off the floor, maximal acceleration from just below the knee, up on the toes with a big shrug.

If you can get 160 to the top of a clean pull then the chances are you could deadlift significantly more.
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Greg Everett
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casey bugener clean pulling a few kgs:

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John Alston
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Originally Posted by John Alston View Post
This could be a great thread to look at in a year.
Also, Yoon and I are going to a meet Sunday so expect increases in our lifts.
I talked the talk but did not walk the walk. Only made 80 and 100, my openers, to match my old best total.
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Allen Yeh
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Age: 27
Bodyweight: 185 lbs
Back Squat: 375 lbs
Clean: 225 lbs (form needs a lot of work)
Clean Pull: ?
Deadlift: 385 lbs
Front Squat: 260 lbs
Jerk: 225 lbs
Power Clean: 225 lbs
Power Snatch: 155 lbs
Snatch Pull: ?
Snatch: ?
Overhead Squat: 155 lbs
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Rick Deckart
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Thank you very much ladies and gentlemen! Once I hit 40 or 50 observations I will do look into the data. All records are collected in a database, I just need the time to look into it in detail, which may take a few days or weeks, depending on my free time at hand...
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John Seiler
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Weights in pounds:

Age: 39
Bodyweight: ~190
Back Squat: 375
Clean: 209
Clean Pull: ? but at least 50# higher than my clean. Just not good at getting under the bar.
Deadlift: 500
Front Squat: 275
Jerk: ?
Power Clean: ?
Power Snatch: ?
Snatch Pull: ?
Snatch: 155
Overhead Squat: 175

Trained Back Squat and Deadlifts for 15 years or so. Switched to Oly-style squats about 18 months ago. Have been training Oly lifts, Front Squat, and OHS for varied times, all less than a year.
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Catherine Imes
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Been a while since I did any barbell lifts..but from what I can recollect...

Age: 35
Bodyweight: ~185
Back Squat: 315lbs X 2 (5 yrs ago)
Clean: Never did squat cleans.
Clean Pull:
Deadlift: 275lbs X5 (Never really maxed this when I was deadlifting)..Before you question why my deadlift was < squat (haha)..I didn't start deadlifting until 7 years ago. I remember squatting (Not full squats by any means...) 3 plates when I was in HS
Front Squat: 190
Jerk: 160lbs out of the rack.
Power Clean: 140lbs
Power Snatch: 115lbls
Snatch Pull: ?
Snatch: ?
Overhead Squat: 125lbs( when I used to do them on a reg basis)
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Eva Claire Synkowski
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well... if you really want 40-50 obs.... always have outliers in datasets, anyway.

in lbs

Age: 26
Bodyweight: 175
Back Squat: 165
Clean: 125 (power)
Clean Pull: ?
Deadlift: 215
Front Squat: 135
Jerk: 135
Power Clean: 125
Power Snatch: 105
Snatch Pull: ?
Snatch: 105 (power)
Overhead Squat: 125

over a couple injuries, so pretty much every ME WO is a PR these days. so hopefully, FS should pass jerk soon enough....
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