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Tony Ferous
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Default Canned Mackeral!

Now i eat pretty damn clean and paleo too, so try to avoid canned food, but when i need quick protein(which is often) and dont have any cooked meat on hand i turn to canned tuna or salmon usually.
I just tried jack mackeral in a can though, i dont like it cold, but quickly sauteed in olive oil and garlic, it was great!! Cheap too and you save yourself a tablespoon of fish oil!

Nutritiondata.com says 23g pro, 6g fat(1400mg O3/99mg O6) per 100g.
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Robb Wolf
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Mackeral is pretty good but a little too fishy for many people. If you have a good seafood section in your local market they can order fresh mackerel. this stuff is great on the grill with loads of lime. You can also wrap the whole thing with foil and load it up with olive oil, lime juice, ginger garlic...helps to tame the fishiness and it turns out great.
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Derek Simonds
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I catch mackerel all year long and throw 90% of it back.

I personally can't eat King Mackerel, some Spanish Mackerel is ok if cooked the same day as it is caught and Cero is actually getting close to edible but King is just a big no-no for me. Lot's of people eat it, I am just not one of them.

I can't imagine what Mackerel in a can would taste like. God Bless you for going with it! If it wasn't so far to Oz I would overnight you some on ice next time I caught it.

Here is my sons first King Mack he caught by himself, this picture was from 12/2005.

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