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Ron Nelson
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Forgot to mention the one limitation: space. I have none.
Our PE dept got a huge grant ($10,000), so they ordered a bunch of light dumbbells (the irony is dripping here), exercise mats, aerobic steps (you know, the Reebok step training thingies), and a bunch of other crap I couldn't remember. The worst part is, they took the one room I had already been using for weight training after school.

I got a phone call from the PE dept chair telling me to not go "crazy" ordering a bunch of equipment with no place to put it and that the room I planned on using was to be used for "PE only." Brilliant. Welcome to the public schools where you get money to do things, just no place to execute.

So, I will find a closet some place for my one rack with bench (sorry no chains as these are junior high kids who can't lift much more than a 20 oz. Coke), my 20 something med balls, my PVC bars, my ab rollers, my kettlebells (yes, I will get those), my IronWoody bands (still have them after 3 years), and the other equipment I have purchased to make our athletes stronger. Please note I distinguish between PE students and athletes. PE students do it because they have to; athletes do it because they want to. . .or because coach says to.

Thanks for the suggestions one and all, including MOD. The kegerator almost got by the assistant superintendent.
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