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Jeremy Jones
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Default Spine Hyper flexibility

I am pretty flexible thanks to a long time in the martial arts.

Although now I have a sneaking suspicion that my lower back is 'hyper flexible', and my hamstrings are not loose enough.

For example, I can drop to a back bridge hands touching the floor, and stand back up again (with some effort). I mostly feel a little discomfort in my lower back when I do this.

Now when i squat (air, back, front, whatever). I can drop low, keep my knees behind my toes, my hips go back. . . here is the weird thing - I can keep my torso verticle from my ribs up, but my lower back is at a very steep angle foward. Basically I feel like my back has a 'kink' in it.

When doing overhead work or heavy back squats, I always feel it in my lower back. Deadlifts I don't have a problem with. In fact, at a BW of 195 my max DL is about 360 but my max back squat is only about 210.

Is it possible to have some vertebrae too flexible, masking hamstring tightness?

How would I fix this problem?
-Jeremy Jones
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Robb Wolf
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you can certainly have a hyper-mobile low back with inadequate hamstring flex. If you can get some photos/video of your squats that will be helpful. When you and Dan come to visit we will look at this as well.
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