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Garrett Smith
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I've recently read some Edgar Cayce stuff about coffee, and I wholly agree with his perspective on it.

Coffee by itself (black, no sugar) is a food and has its own benefits.

Coffee with cream forms a "leathery curd" (his words) and coats the stomach and damages the digestion.

Try light coconut milk in the coffee, see if that works for you. Store the extra in a jar in your fridge.
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Mike ODonnell
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Originally Posted by Suzanne Buffie View Post
Thanks, everyone, for your help.

Another question...Does heavy cream in coffee during the fasting window negate the benefits of IF? I have a very hard time drinking black coffee (rather not drink it) and a harder time giving it up all together...
I use some half and half with my morning americano.....hard to say 100% that all the hormonal benefits from fasting are not affected but it's so small I doubt it has any insulin response. Never done any blood work to back that up though. In the end....works for me.

I like Dr G's recommendation of Coconut Milk.....I guess that would be a better option if you were having coffee at home.
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