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daniel doiron
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Default Density, EAT, and Ladders

I've been searching for a good description of Density, EAT and Ladder training on different forums. I still am unsure of how to complet each.

Density training ?
? You try to complet your workout in shorter and shorter times each time around.
? You combine exercises in compound or complex sets to cut down on resting time.

? Just don't know.

? Choose a weight at 3RM and complete 1 reps, rest, 2 reps, rest, 3 reps, rest and start again. If you complete this cycle x amount of times, up the weight for next time.

Anyone willing to help me clear my fog?
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Jesse Woody
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Shaf is the man to expound on the ladder, actually, there's a post around here that was posted about a month ago...

ahHA, here you go:


As for Density training, the usual goal is to keep the time-period constant and attempt to complete more total reps each time around. Once you reach a pre-set rep-total, you up the weight for the next workout. Charles Staley has some decent articles on this over at t-nation:


As for EAT...the only thing I can associate that with is a Philly cheese-steak, so I'm probably not thinking along the right lines. Hopefully this helps otherwise, though!
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daniel doiron
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Cool ! Thanks for the links !
I actually found the post that had EAT in it... re read it and noticed Robb Wolf was speeking along your lines... lots of food = EAT...

my bad !
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daniel doiron
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When do you rest in the ladder below...for example ?

1-2-3 / 1-2-3 / 1-2-3
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Garrett Smith
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I believe you mean E*D*T, or Escalating Density Training a la Charles Staley.

In ladder training, you rest between every set.
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Daniel Myers
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There's a lot of different things that could be called "density training". What they have in common is an emphasis on time as an important variable, and work per unit time as a basic means of progression. That is, the object is to continually increase how much you lift per minute, rather than just increasing the weight.

One popular scheme is Bryce Lane's 50/20 workout. Pick a movement and a weight you could do for multiple sets of low reps. Then lift it 50 times in 20 minutes. Make sure the weight isn't too light. This shouldn't be done as 5 sets of 10. It should be more like sets of 3-5 to start, and then finishing with doubles or singles. I believe Bryce recommends using a weight that you get 30-40 reps with the first time you try, then working with it until you can do all 50. Then bump the weight up so that you can only do 30-40 reps and repeat. He calls it the "have it all" routine.

Charles Staley's EDT has already been mentioned. He focuses more on supersetting exercises for 10-15 minute intervals, and you do 2 or three such sets per workout.

Shaf's article is the thing for ladders. The thing to remember is to keep the weights relatively light, and don't go to failure. You should not be using a 3RM for these.
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daniel doiron
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So a ladder should look like...

Using a 4 RM weight...

1 rep, rest, 2 rep, rest, 3 reps, rest, 1 rep, rest,...

All with the same rest ?


1 rep, pause, 2 reps, pause, 3 reps, REST, start again.


Sorry if I'm picky on the details, just want to try it out right !
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