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Patrick Donnelly
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After finishing Light's Out... (good read, by the way)

I would think that high intensity exercise followed by breaking an intermittent fast would be a good Paleo approach. Hunter gathers hunted down an animal, killed it (intense "workout"), then chowed down.

Naps weren't covered at all in the book though, which is a disappointment.
I'll just take them as I need to, but try to sleep in a way that I won't need them.
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Brian Reckdenwald
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If you look at naps from a hunter-gatherer's perspective, they seem pretty realistic. I can imagine a typical day consisting of spending the morning walking around looking for food, followed by a rest period (like a nap), and then hunting for a big meal (like exercise). Obviously it can be said that there was little to no routine to their days, but it seems to me like a nap would be a perfectly feasible thing from an evolutionary standpoint that isn't something to be avoided if the mood arises.

All in all, I say do it so long as it doesn't really interfere with your sleeping schedule at night.
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Frank Needham
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I've pretty much come to the conclusion that, other than food, sleep is the best supplement one make available for themselves. I'll take it however I can get it and if that means a nap then I'll be cuttin' zzzzzz. I don't get a chance often enough to take them though.
"Lack of sleep makes cowards of us all."
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