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Casey Williams
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Default Sweeteners (Dr. G) and others

Dr. G i was curious if you could give me an opinion on this sweetener...
I saw it at Kroger the other day...it seems safe.

It doesnt have any artificial ingrediants in it and I am looking for other alternatives to stevia. I did buy some agave which is very tasty.

Opinions would be appreciated. Ive tried some xylitol but seems to have a bitter taste to me.

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Frank Needham
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Apparently it is another extraction from plants.
The sweetnener in the product is identified here:
The sweetener in the product is detailed here:
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Garrett Smith
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I've heard some other alternative nutrition folk recommending erythritol, it seems okay to me at this point.

Also, FYI, most stevia has a bitter aftertaste due to the cheaper ingredients. I use the BED liquid stevia (I also make it available at my office), there is no aftertaste with it at all. If it's the taste of stevia you didn't like before, don't judge all stevia based on that experience...
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