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Chris Forbis
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Inspired by Dr. G, I've been using the desiccated liver powder.

4-5 oz. pineapple juice, 2 tbsp liver powder, 1 serving hemp protein powder, 1 tbsp Carlson's fish oil, 12g creatine.

Taste is tolerable. I have it post-workout, so three days a week.

Tried out the pemmican today. It is pretty good. Ate it around 3.5 hours after the PWO shake. Really hit the spot appetite wise. Which is good, because by then I'm usually really damn hungry.

Maybe adding some coconut milk to the shake will help with the hunger?
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Jay Cohen
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Just picked up a few pounds of Grass Fed Beef Suet and will attempt to make some Pemmican next few days. Also picked up two hearts/liver/ and some more tongue. It's going to be a great weekend spent in the kitchen, though the rendering of the suet will be interesting so say the least.

I was in this great old deli in Cleveland today for lunch, waitress didn't bat an eye as I ordered scrambled eggs & tongue with smoked white fish on the side.
My buddy ordered a Brisket Sandwich, was about 5 inches high, came on homemade black rye bread. Kosher pickles snapped when you bit into them.

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Garrett Smith
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I do think that some form of fat will help with satiety, coconut milk (light or not) would be a good one. Also, using frozen pineapple will also add a little bulk (which may or may not help after the hemp protein).

Once I grew accustomed to the liver powder taste (I also used a bit of the adrenal and thymus powders with it), it wasn't bad at all. Actually, now that I've been talking about this more lately, I feel like I want to start having it again. It could easily be because the CA WODs are stimulating my anabolism and more fuel for the fire is desired.
Garrett Smith NMD CSCS BS, aka "Dr. G"
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Old 01-24-2008, 03:12 PM   #14
Ari Kestler
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Default Apologies for the late bump

What are everyone's favorite cuts of (non-organ) meat to order off US wellness? I've tried a few but have yet to find one that I REALLY like.
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Ken Rich
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I'm a big fan of the tenderloin kabobs.

I also recently tried the tri-tip steaks and the flank steak and I thought both were excellent.

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