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Gant Grimes
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Jonathan, I just take it down. After a couple swigs, it's no longer a problem. It also makes it easier if you think about all the stinking carbs you don't have to eat because of it.

Try drinking it in front of other people. It will take you back to the school-yard days of eating disgusting things and grossing out classmates. For some reason, that steels your stomach a bit, and it doesn't seem to taste as bad.

Do like others said and find a good olive oil. I forget the brand, but I've found a good batch of cold-pressed extra virgin that's bold and spicy. I'm trying the fast thing today, and I can't wait to tear into it.
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Jonathan Owen
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Thanks guys! I will look for a better quality cold pressed olive oil. Greg, I will give the shot&chaser technique a try, I think that will work pretty good for me. If that fails, I am going with Gants idea and just try to gross out everyone around me!

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Greg Battaglia
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Ditched the Zone due to insane amounts of hunger, plus poor performance. I'm gonna go with the "eat whenever you're hungry, and stop when satisfied, but not stuffed" method. That seems to never fail.
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Steve Liberati
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I had the same hunger problems as you on the Zone. However, only after a few weeks the hunger pains started to subside (I'm thinking as a result of stablized hormone and blood sugar levels). After awhile I did end up ditching the accuracy of the scale in place of eyeballing zone portions. It just become to much of a hassle coutning calories. I have to say it was a good learning experience for me though, as I didn't realize how many extra calories I was previosily eating. When did you start the zone by the way? Seemed like it was only a short awhile ago...
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Troy Archie
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The thing I hate the most about the Zone is hearing about people going out to expensive resturants or family functions and trying to keep things in Zone ratio.
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