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Garrett Smith
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Default Expert Village .com, looking for experts in their field...

So I was asked to demo exercises for www.ExpertVillage.com, a site that puts up clips of "experts" doing what they do best. I chose mainly bodyweight and minimal equipment exercises, most of which fall under the CF-style GPP type, with modified exercises as well.

If you are interested in demonstrating and teaching what you are good at, I can definitely let them know.

You need *four* "topics". For mine, one topic was "core exercises", another was "leg exercises". Each topic will need to have at least 15 "sub-topics" that will each last (or can be elaborated into) at least a minute. So, in "leg exercises", three of my sub-topics were front lunges, rear lunges, stationary lunges, etc.

I personally thought of Coach Greg Everett doing topics on OL, and then even covering some of the exercises in greater detail that are on this main site.

If you're doing more of a how-to, like for instance, how to make a great cup of snobby coffee , a minute might be spent on how to pick your type of beans, another one on grinding, another one on choosing water, etc. Just know, you'd still need three more topics. Heck, if just picking the beans could be built up into 15 subtopics of 1 minute each, that could be its own topic!

An important thing is that there is a prop or something visual for each sub-topic. It's not supposed to be someone just sitting there talking. Obviously, exercise is easy for that. Making coffee could be pretty easy for that too. I was asked to do nutrition as well, that's a bit tougher to get visual props for.

Anyway, if you are interested, let me know and I'll point you in the right direction. Supposedly the whole site gets like 40 million hits a month, and exercise demos are a big part of that.

And yes, I do get some unspecified referral fee if you mention I sent you or I send you directly.
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