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Steven Low
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Default new years resolutions

This is more or less a cross post from CF forums (and a couple of others). But it's actually a good thread so if you don't visit there much read!

I have been seriously contemplating about going straight 'real' bodyweight exercises for training (well, bodyweight exercises like dips and pullups + weight are still bodyweight exercises to me). So that would probably leave out squatting, DL and oly lifting which I actually like even though I haven't gotten around to them much recently because of the knee. I'm quite curious as to how to optimally pretty much make yourself "super strong" without being involved in serious training for a sport like gymnastics where strength and physique are really more of a byproduct of having to have a routine for competition (although the strength training may be similar you should see increased strength gains because of lack of large scale conditioning as S&C don't optimally mix obviously).

Again, I was experimenting with the just sprints, pistols, and max effort broads and verts before my knee got injured and I saw some pretty decent gains on the broad jumps.. and I'm seeing pretty good progress on the rings recently with visible hypertrophy and from what I can tell strength gains. With 2008 around the corner I might make this my "all bodyweight" year which could be interesting.

Basically if I actually decide to take something up like this I would need someone with similar ability/stats more or less to 'compete' against I guess. I need to compare progress on someone who is training pure strength without just bodyweight and perhaps someone from CF (who would then benchmark their strength skills against the others). Well, I doubt there's probably any of you with nearly similar stats or specialty strength (rings) like mine, but I think it's more or less worth some sort of attempt at it just if all else fails as motivation. Well, people can do what I'm doing as well though, but it's really an experiment so I don't know the efficacy this training will have yet.. could be slower or faster than barbell + bodyweight or maybe just barbell or CF style. Who knows. I, of course, would help construct workout routines as needed.

Any takers or people that are somewhat interested? Suggestions?

P.S. Just to be a bit on topic (well, thread topic that is) feel free to add your new years resolutions or if you have any comments/critiques of what I'm probably going to do go for it.

P.P.S doesn't necessarily have to be a year either.. maybe a cycle of a month or two.
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Mike ODonnell
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I have gone 100% bodyweight and band exercises.....and feel frigin great and excel at my given sport endeavors....off the beaten path for most but I enjoy the new challenge. (of course I use some additional bodyweight resistance like a backpack with weights but no bar lifts or other DB lifts...not saying it's the best way to performance...but at 35 I feel great and only worry about health and longevity with performance only to the sports I participate in) Anyways....outside of that....dedicating the next year to learning happiness on a daily basis...but that is a deeper move on my part.....should be fun....as I love to question everything...and accept nothing....
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Chris Forbis
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Steven- There appears to be a coincidence of training ideas between the two of us. I am sticking with upper body BW training, one barbell lift, and pistols during each session. Sprinting and jumping were a part, but have been pushed out with my increase of basketball playing.

My current fitness goals (which happen to coincide with the starting of the new year).

1. HSPU improvement: I want to be able to do these free-standing. I want to be able to do them full range on parallelettes.

2. Muscle-up improvement: I want to regain the ability to do these (it has been a year or two since I've even tried). I want to be able to do a "Big Kids Muscle Up." I want a straight bar muscle-up.

3. Pistol +65# DB: This is the biggest DB in the gym.

4. Basketball: My basketball skills have regressed greatly. I want to get the rust off of them. I would expect to improve agility and conditioning at the same time. Once I'm feeling better about my skills, I need to find a league or regular playing situation.

5. Barbell lifts: 1.5xBW snatch-grip DL from a platform. 225# power clean. I mostly just want to increase these... those seem like good numbers to shoot for.

My personal non-fitness goals are easy. Keep my life simple (or simpler!) and focus on better developing interpersonal relationships.
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Kevin Perry
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I just started training pure strength and im probably gonna stay that way for a while. There is a former powerlifter and strongman I train with who is gonna help me with strength training so im very excited about that. Im still trying to slowly build up to 155 lbs and it's actually a lot easier now then before with a gallon of milk per day.

So I would probably say next years resolution is to stick with that and become very strong. Im probably gonna hold off on bodyweight and metcon for a while and see how long I can train with just the basic barbell movements and the Oly lifts. My other resolution is to get Crossfit Certified and start working with the new gym thats about to open here.

Oh and the typical be nice to everyone thing. Thats more or less of an impossibility especially with Starbucks consumers...
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Steven Low
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What's going to happen is that Jake (from CF forum) and I as well as anyone who wants in are probably going to make a joint log with goals at the start and go from there. Hopefully we will all have more or less similar goals and some will use a combination of bodyweight + rings and we'll see how much improvements we can elicit from each or something of that nature.
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Yael Grauer
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I have a lot of fitness resolutions written in my planner at home with specific weights and reps and times and such, but my most important goal is to be consistent: 2 days a week of MMA and 3 days of Olylifting. So I am committing to 100 hours of MMA and 150 of Olylifting. I think if I do this then I can tweak my goals from month to month as I see progress (or lack of progress).

It's not a lot of time but I think 5 hours a week is pretty realistic for me right now. I will add more in the summer if I can handle it.
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