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Originally Posted by Skipp Benzing View Post
I was very skeptical of yoga myself before I started to learn more about eischens yoga and was still skeptical the first few months of trying it but I have seen some very good results in myself, my wife, and those that I train, including the athletes I work with at USD.

I have had people tell me that yoga is the whole lifestyle thing and what I am doing is not yoga and that is fine with me because if I find a part of something that I like but do not like the whole, guess what, I am going to use the part that I feel is benificial.

The point is that I think we shouldnt just be like F Yoga only because of what someone else tells us what it should or shouldnt be. There are great things to learn in all areas! For weightlifting I feel it can be benificail because you need to be flexible but active at the same time (ex. catch of a clean or snatch) and Eischens yoga fits in well with this demand of the sport.
I could not agree with you more.

1- Learning new approaches enriches our life.

2- Enjoy what makes sense to you and not be swayed by common believes.
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