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Jamila Bey
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Default I'd been waiting!

[QUOTE=Joe Hart;25758} I talked to boys while they were in the womb. Just wait till they push on your belly with a foot and you can see it.[/QUOTE]

Mister Kicky Pants still isn't here- but our favorite game for now is "push foot."
He picks a spot and pushes, I push back, and he pushes my hand and moves his foot somewhere else. Hilarity ensues.

He is SO ACTIVE!!! I haven't once done a kick count because everytime I even think to do one, he moves too or at least gives me a surprise poke. I'm gonna be in for it as soon as he can roll and crawl! Each morning about 5:30 for the past month, he does what feels like a butterfly stroke for at least half an hour. I have to have Daddy talk to him so he calms down and relaxes... Doesn't stop swimming, but he's gentler on me.

Not that I'm trying to compete with the woman who has 18 kids, but I have so completely enjoyed this process, and I am sure I'll wind up doing it at least another few times! Then again, I've not yet done the labor part, so we'll see.

I am so stupidly happy!
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sarena kopciel
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Jamila, you are just blessed Enjoy every moment of it as it is all preparation for those long nights waiting up for the teenagers!
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Garrett Smith
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Cori's awake with kicking every day at 3am, she says it's like clockwork. She calls it "Karate class".

Saw "The Business of Being Born" this weekend. Definitely good to watch. Make sure you have someone with you who understands natural births and hospitals go with you to advise and advocate. A midwife or doula (with the potential to advocate aggressively) would be a good idea. We had to rent it at our local quirky video store, I know NetFlix has it as well, Blockbuster doesn't.
Garrett Smith NMD CSCS BS, aka "Dr. G"
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Jamila Bey
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BoBB is on Netflix on Demand so anyone can see it instantly if they've got the player.

Another great resource is Pushed: The Painful Truth About Childbirth and Modern Maternity Care: Jennifer Block (who if I can recall has a few minutes in BoBB.) There's a Pushed blog as well that's really great too.

Anyhow I adore Hubby, but we deserve a mediation award for the agreement we reached. No doula, no bodyguard (with concealed weapon or not), just us and my list of wishes. I'm guardedly optimistic that I've got a doc who "gets it" and a husband who will help me get my points across...

We'll see what happens after the boy arrives, but I really wish I had the interest before I got pregnant to find out about what are my rights as a woman in labor.
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