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Dan Heaney
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Default Anyone include dairy?

Does anyone go all out Paleo but include dariy? I elminated it for a week or so and hanen't noticed a difference in how I feel. Just wondering if anyone has anything non Paleo they just won't give up. I'm thinking about throwing it back in the mix. Probably just a cup or so of Cottage Cheese a day
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Mike ODonnell
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Dairy is rare in my book...usually only cheese. But too much give me breathing issues...as in exercise enduced asthma reactions (which funny enough I never had issues with until I got completely off dairy for a long time as I used to drink tons of milk as a kid...and now know why I had sinusitus issues)....so hence I try not to have it that much. Milk is out of the question in my book. Love whole butter though. Eggs occasionally. Like anything....best idea is always moderation and rotation (don't have it every day).
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Garrett Smith
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I do include some butter, always organic. On rare occasions I have raw goat's milk or cheese.

Cheat meals, now that's a whole different area.

Almost forgot, supposedly it takes dairy three full weeks to completely get out of your system for you to notice a significant difference in your hypersensitivity reactions upon re-introduction.

I do think that pasteurized cottage cheese (nearly all casein) is about one of the worst dairy foods you could choose to keep in your diet.
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Nikki Young
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Sometimes i'll have something which contains dairy, like cheese or milk chocolate. It always creates mucous the next day, and throughout the day i'm spitting out mucous.. nice i know.

I noticed the same effects as Mike, when i was a teenager i don't think i ever drank less than 1ltr of milk a day, i loved it.. Never had mucous after effects though, but i did have sinus problems. After i completely ditched dairy (99% anyway), i've started having the mucous problems when i do eat dairy.
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Kevin Perry
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I currently drink milk every once in a while. Cheese will give me problems and I normally get very sick afterwards with eating it, I try to stay away from all other types of dairy with the exception of the occasional ice cream treat or frapachino. Cheese is a definite problem for me though...
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John Alston
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I drink whole effin' milk, never reduced fat.
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Tirzah Harper
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FWIW my husband is lactose-sensitive or whatever - gets lots of mucous from it, okay - and he noticed improvements continuing for a YEAR after dropping milk and most other dairy from his diet.
Cultured dairy, now, he can eat moderate amounts of yogurt & kefir without mucous issues. But milk, cream, especially ice cream - all BAD.

I don't notice any difference in how I feel with or without dairy.
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Steve Liberati
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Although I'm lactose intolerant, I've just found a spot in the city that sells organic raw milk (comes from Amish country). Haven't had regular milk for the longest time for the obvious reasons but so far I haven't had a problem with digestion (but time will tell...just bought some today). Still surprised what happened. Bought a gallon of raw milk ($5.00), a small container of nuts and a small package of fresh sno peas. Went to the register to check out but had no idea they accepted cash only (bill came to $10.00). Reached in my pocket and only had $6.00 on me. Instead of taking stuff out, the owner said don't worry about it, "just pay me next time." Couldn't believe it...how often does that happen? Note, it was my first time there.
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Patrick Donnelly
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Originally Posted by Garrett Smith View Post
I do think that pasteurized cottage cheese (nearly all casein) is about one of the worst dairy foods you could choose to keep in your diet.
Agreed. When I cut my dairy back to only cottage cheese, 2-3 times per week, I had the most terrible sniffles. That went away after cutting it out. Now the only dairy I eat is ice cream, once every 4-5 days. Probably more often than I should have it, but it tastes so damn good.

Grain is out entirely. Legumes are limited to green beans when my mom prepares them for dinner.
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Dan Heaney
Join Date: Jan 2008
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I guess I'll hold out a for a while and see if I notice any changes. It's been over a week and during that time I have been sick so maybe that's why I havn't noticed anything.
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