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Margie Lempert
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So interesting Tony! So, no flax oil either? Hmmm. I typically go for ground flax over oil so I can get the fiber. I wonder if that matters...

Anyway, I guess it's really about experimenting at the end of the day.

Just out of curiosity - since you did take fish and flax oil for so long, have you noticed any other changes now that you're off them?
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Tony Ferous
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Ive not noticed anything major since going 'cold turkey' to be honest, too early to ascertain changes in body fat.
As a side point, I used to notice that when i whan away on holiday(and had no omega 3 oil) that ive have less acne, but assumed this was due to lower stress levels.
I also used to grind flax, but i became suspicious that it too might provoke acne(lectins perhaps? i dont think thats been studied), but dont hold me to this! I do take hemp protein powder now and it works well for me.

I'll probably add back the fish oil in 2 weeks time and see if anything erupts!
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