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Scott Kustes
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Congratulations Dr. G!

Fitness Spotlight
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John Seiler
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Great new, Garrett. Congrats! Please remember me kindly when the global domination is achieved.
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Yael Grauer
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Congratulations!! I have some friends in town who are midwives or are training to be midwives, so if you have specific questions and need local resources just let me know and I'll ask around.
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Paul Findley
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Edward Friedman
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Congrats & Best Wishes !

My twin sons are almost 8 y.o. One aspect of their infancy that I have sweet nostalgic feelings about is the use of the "over the shoulder baby holder".


Highly recommended ! ! ! I used to try and do as much as I could "wearing" the kids. I miss it ! They love being up high, being close, having a great view of everything you are doing. The leverage really lets you be practically hands free, etc.

eg; FWIW, I used to stand on a mini-rebounder, and gently "bounce" (feet not leaving mat surface.) This was a turbo-charged version of all those mini-swing chairs for babies, or taking a drive, for the purpose of putting kids to sleep. It worked great ! Sometimes they'd be howling and a within a minute or two of bouncing, it was as if I'd hit the off switch. Ahhh....bliss ( Many a night at 3 a.m., after a feeding and change, I'd be "bouncing" with one or the other or both, watching C-Span coverage of the Bush v. Gore "hanging chad" controversy, etc...)

BTW, I think carrying has got to be more "paleo"
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Craig Snyder
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Workouts will never be the same. The second I hit the ground to do pushups, they become weighted pushups as 2 of my 3 kids jump on my back. The 3rd will be joining in soon. PRE the natural way.

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Chris Forbis
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Awesome stuff.

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sarena kopciel
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Congrats on the old news!!! Just spent four days with my daughter who is now in her 7th month! I think they will be visiting you in April too!

I am so glad the homebirth idea worked out and is planned. My daughter too is so excited for that. She just doesnt want to be a number or part of intervention!! And I always thought my ideas were seen as weird to my kids!! LOL!

Oh I would recommend getting the hypnobirthing cd on my daughter's advice and do not buy the "What to Expect when you are expecting book" as I heard it is outdated and very medical!!
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Steve Liberati
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Very cool to hear Dr. G. Congratulations to you and Cori.
100,000 generations of humans have been hunters and gatherers; 500 generations have been agriculturalists; ten have lived in the industrial age; and only one has been exposed to the world of computers.

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Eric Kerr
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Originally Posted by Garrett Smith View Post
Thank you everybody.

Eric, I don't remember if it was you who mentioned the Bradley Method here on the PMenu forums before, whoever it was, I listened. We start those classes in April. That reconnected me with a former patient (who teaches the class!).

We're currently getting our OB care under an MD, for the early labs/care and one ultrasound (she has to know the gender! no yellow or green at the baby shower...). Cori is seeing the other NMD who leases space in my office for general care and advice, as Dr. Poindexter has had three sons of her own. I'm going along for the ride in a supportive role. I believe we meet the midwife this week.

Did I mention our entire living room table (it's a BIG table) is pretty much covered in baby-related books and literature?

She was researching pregnancy yoga the other day. She's starting to feel well enough for walking and other exercise, and I do enjoy that time we have together. My biggest thing is that she at least get outside and get some fresh air and sunshine in the morning before she comes to the office (she's doing half days, and we're training staff so that she will be able to stay at home nearly all the time).

As Woman Within is a big part of her life, she has plenty of women to lean on if she needs to, which I encourage. A great friend of hers from that group is actually due about a month ahead of Cori, so they are having a grand time commiserating about pregnancy (it is her friend's second time around).

I like to think we're doing all right so far! More suggestions are welcome.

One last thing--it is nice, as a man in this day and age of rampant infertility issues, to know that all the parts are functioning correctly. The first month that we tried on the days that our OB suggested (days 10-16, ED or EOD), the next month we were pregnant.
Sounds like you two are doing all the right things (the first time around) Garrett. Good deal!

As far as mentioning Bradley, yeah, that was probably me. At least I don't know of a lot of other men running around on these boards or CF extolling the virtues of the Bradley Method . I learned a ton from the class and it got me so much more involved in so many aspects of the pregnancy than I would have been otherwise that is hard not to give it a shout whenever anyone says they about to become a parent. And a quick read of the workbook they give got me quickly back in the groove for the pregnancy with our 2nd daughter. Double plus good.

As a recall, the doppler is stronger than an sonogram, so doing one to find out the gender isn't that big of deal. We didn't a sonogram with our 1st daughter. Did one with the 2nd since it was easier than arguing with the OB we were using for parallel care (used midwives for both pregnacies as our primary care provider). The worst thing that could happen is that they could find something potentially wrong with the child which can lead to a lot of fretting on the part of expecting parents.

Since you are looking at baby stuff this is a good resource


And Sarena is spot on "What to Expect when you are expecting book" is awful. I like books a lot and wouldn't generally condone book burning, but that one would be at the top of my list if I were. My wife and I renamed it the "How to be a paranoid expectant parent."
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