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Craig Van De Walker
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Maybe a month not every day maybe 4 days a week roughly 16-20 hours. No problem with the hunger, I am very busy during the day so I don't much think about it. I have been eating Paleo a getting <80 grams carb a day for about two months. I assumed my blood sugar would be fairly low but it was not. The last day posted was not representative of my normal diet but I found it of interest that my sugar was so much better. I wonder if I may have been to strict for too long and my body needed to replenish, I may be just a little too lean. Heck after the huge amount of sugar coated kettle corn I thought my glucose would be >150, it was only 103?

Garret, I agree somewhat confusing results compared to what I expected.

Robb, Thanks, I think I am going to try that. I am not going to eat like the other day but I think I may relax things and allow my weight to drift up a touch.

Thanks all for the comments. I plan to take a look at this down the road and see where I am at.
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Craig Van De Walker
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Last few days have relaxed and let my carbs drift up to 100-150 grams a day and my weight drift up about 4 lbs. I have not IF'd just pretty much zoned with mainly paleo food.

glucose readings last food 20:00/8pm night before
94 6am
2cc coffee, short low rep strength workout
90 730
82 9am
86 10 am
ate 3 block meal 4x fat salmon, olive oil, 1 pint strawberries 10-1015
94 11am

This is more along the lines of what I hoped my glucose was doing before
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Craig Van De Walker
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Update for the heck of it. I have purposefully put on a few pounds but am still pretty lean up to ~183 today I checked my glucose a few times

6 am coffee, oatmeal with berries, protein mix and yogurt
1020 glucose 69 (I was getting a little hungry but did not feel like I HAD to eat) ate natto (fermented soybeans) cottage cheese.
1125 glucose 83
1230 ate tai food, shrimp salad, tofu soup, and a salad roll
1335 glucose 82 1400-1500 worked out
1510 glucose 78
I am now going to get a snack and off to a meeting. Not exactly sure what to make of it except that earlier I may have been a little too lean and causing some hormonal issues during my IF'ing that caused my glucose to actually be higher than if I ate regularly. The experiment that is my life continues...
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Craig Van De Walker
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Update well I started looking into this issue when I was having relatively high fasting glucose reading while eating paleo, very low carbs and IF'ing

The long and short is when I (experiment of one) eat extremely low carb my glucose runs higher than I feel it should (my preconceived notion it should run about 80), my fasting had been in the low 90's. I started eating more carbs and non-paleo ones and my glucose runs lower and in fact downright hypoglycemic. Yesterday for example.

15hrs fasting
830 glucose=93 then ate 2 eggs, sausage 2 large pancakes 102 grams carbs
900 69
930 76
1000 97
1035 68
1110 96
ate 2 eggs, stir fry banana, nectarine 550 cals 53 grams carbs
1215 81
walked 2 miles
1255 48 but I feel absolutely fine
1340=LO-too low to measure
1345 34 I still feel fine!
1400 ate natto, oatmeal 300 cals 40 grams carb
1500 59 Feel fine
1700 115 time for dinner brocoli, sweet pot, chicken didn't bring meter home so no more checking

Today fasting 14 hrs
7 am=65 glucose
850 LO error message below machine limit
905 another machine=21
1105=33 after 18hrs fasting
ate sardines, natto, egg 7grams carbs. So far NO signs and symptoms of low blood sugar not hungry either?

Thought experiment-
Anyone have a clue what is going on. Is my liver or pancreas broken? I spoke to my naturopath yesterday and he thought I had eaten so clean for so long that when I eat a carb load any insulin at all causes a spongelike response to any circulating glucose. My question is does anyone have any idea how I can function with a glucose so low. Granted most machine algorithms are not accurate probably much below 50 or so but I know when I get a reading of 21 or "too low to register" it is darned low. By the way my insulin normally reads "below lab limits" on a fasting test.

BTW I am getting ready to eat a big lunch while this post peculates.

And yes I thought about machine error and have switched out machines more than once for funny results as well as cuvette lots and QC'd the machines.

Had large lunch of fajitas did not eat the rice but did have some corn tortillas. Est 800 cals ~100 grams carbs at 1230
Done sticking myself for the day will have a salad with fish for dinner enough carbs for the day. My fingers are looking pretty ugly after all of the stick last couple of days.

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Allen Yeh
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I am not very knowledgable in this realm at all but I thought this was an interesting article talking about insulin and glucose.

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Craig Van De Walker
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Thanks that was a great article. This article also gets at another question I had posted about staying too lean and the possible effects of hypoglycemia and excessive insulin sensitivity. I just have not found a lot of research about how insulin and glucose actually act on healthy athletes. According to what I have read and discussed with some physicians I work with lean healthy people may be susceptible to reactive hypoglycemia but everything I have read indicates I should have lost consciousness or had all sorts of symptoms with not only the degree of hypoglycemia but the length of time I had it. The funny thing is I started all of this poking around because my fasting glucoses had been so high (in the 90s, when I expected them below 80) when I was following a low carb paleo diet for a long time. My HbA1C though, was fine at 5.1.

As you can see after re-introducing higher carbs in my diet and high GL/GI carbs at that my glucose hit the floor especially while IF'ing as well as some "asymptomatic reactive hypoglycemia", but I did not implode with low blood sugar. In fact low blood sugar did not seem to elicit much hunger either. I have much more experimenting to do. I can only assume that my brain is relatively adept at running on ketone bodies, during my hypoglycemia. I did find some studies where they elicited hypoglycemia in subject who melted down long before their glucose hit the level I was at???
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