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Joe Hart
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Default Coach Rut's Sandbag mile

Would working on the snadbag mile be okay on rest days for the CA WOD? I suspect that it would be like sled pulling. So what do you think, Greg?
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Derek Simonds
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I would love to hear Greg's thoughts. I started this last week. It is significantly harder than I thought it would be. Yesterday I carried 180 lb's for a 100 m's and I was surprised at the difficulty. I also carried 80 lb's for .8 miles. I am doing it on non lift days.
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Scott Kustes
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The sandbag mile is a tough workout. I've done it with just 100lbs and it's a killer. I wouldn't consider it rest, but we'll see what the smarter and better looking Greg Everett has to say.

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Greg Everett
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Not quite like pulling a sled. The reason sleds work as activew recovery is that there's really no loaded eccentric work. Carrying a big ass bag involves plenty of eccentric work, albeit in a limited ROM, and as I'm sure you're finding out, just holding big heavy things is pretty taxing.

That said, I think it's a legit challenge and I like the idea of carrying big heavy things around. Give it a shot and see what happens and let us know.
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