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Craig Cooper
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Default Metabolic Diet?

Is anyone still doing it? I still haven't purchased the book ($50!), but have been following the diet to the best of my knowledge based on the CrossFit thread that was going on forever. I seem to be extremely sensitive to carbs, and the diet has curbed all cravings (for the most part). Also, my met-con hasn't suffered at all except for during the initial fat adaptation stage. I've been holding steady at ~30g Carb/day M-F, then carb loading on the weekend (not always as Rx'd, not always clean/paleo). Just wondering if anyone else has been experimenting with it and what kind of results they've seen.
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Mike ODonnell
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Personally I have never done it, but if you read the longgggg thread over at CF forum then you got all the info you need (aka save your $50). All depends on your training and goals of course. I follow (try) to do something similar to where as I get all my carbs (75%) PWO...and keep it low otherwise and on off days. Although it's probably more around 80-100g on the low days...I just felt too small on anything lower carb (as losing body fat was not a priority).
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