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Steve Ericson
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Great Response Dr G. that answered my question perfectly. I do have a few follow up questions though if you don't mind (hopefully I won't get in trouble for going a bit off the original topic with my 3rd question).

1) Is this the Z-Health foot/ankle drill you mentioned: http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/henkin35.htm (bottom of page) w/f/s

2) Are there other Z-Health foot/ankle drills that I should perform in addition to the rolls (if i went the z-health route on a particular day)? I thought I would go with the foot drills link that you provided unless I didn't have -time -space - or simply wanted to change it up a bit.

3) Lastly, If anyone is willing to comment on my warm up, I would greatly appreciate it. Here is my updated one with Foot Drills and with out a couple of unnecessary things that I just removed. Anything elso I should be + or - ?

Warm Up

Foot Drills

Cardio (enough to break a sweat)

Joint Mobility (everything is done for about 10 Reps)
Look R & L
Look Up & Down
Tilt Head R & L
Both Shoulders Forward Rotation
Both Shoulders Backward Rotation
R Arm Circles Forward
R Arm Circles Backward
L Arm Circles Forward
L Arm Circles Backward
Both Arms Circle Forward
Both Arms Circle Backward
Both Arms Across Body Swing
Both Arms Together Above Head to Waist Swing
Hands On Waist Rotate Clockwise
Hands On Waist Rotate Counter-Clockwise
Hands On Waist Bend Side to Side
Hands On Knees Rotate Clockwise
Hands On Knees Rotate Counter-Clockwise

Dynamic Movements
Lateral Leg Swings
High Knee Karaoke
Straight Legged Run (knees locked)
High Knee Skip Through
Butt Kicks
Straight Leg Rock Backs (Lay supine, bend at waist bringing legs
over your head and touching your toes on the floor behind you and
then reversing to starting position)

Samson Stretch R & L(focus on stretching the hip flexors only)

Exercises (10 -15 Reps)
Overhead Squats
Back Extensions
Sit Ups
Dips or Push Ups
Sit Ups
Pull Ups
Glide Kips
Bar Hang

Thanks agian - Dr G., Steven Low, MOD, Greg and many others have already helped me more than they will ever know. You guys are a wealth of great info!
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Allen Yeh
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You do all of that prior to your workout all the time? How long does all of that take you?

I personally try to cut off my warmup after 15 minutes. This includes all dynamic movements, warmup, exercise warmups...etc.

An idea to make sure your bases are covered would be to split up your warmup into A and B days....running days....foot mobility drills....etc, workout days exercises 10-15 reps...etc

Just an idea.
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Steve Ericson
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Yeah I do all that every day before I work out it takes me almost excactly 15 minutes. If I am O-lifting then I follow it up with the Burgener Warm UP, and some light work of whatever exercise I am doing.
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