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Dave Ogilbee
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Arden -

I really sympathise with what you're getting into. My current delimma is in the catch portion of the Snatch. In lifting weights around 1/2 BW and up somewhere around the second and third pull my shoulders just seem to give out when coming down for the catch. In really self-analysing it, my best guess is the need to work on lower body explosiveness, kind of like what Leslie was describing. The other aspect i've noticed trouble in is stablizing my hips during the OHS. After a few reps of light weights my rear lats really start to feel a strain and my iliopsoas seem to get quite a bit of strain as well. Maybe do flexibility work in the hips with a little explosives from snatch work variations?
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Derek Maffett
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Dave, you need to be pressing yourself under the bar (or the bar up - it makes no difference as long as you are not in contact with the platform) before you get to the bottom of the squat. Pressing too little, too late may work somewhat with lighter weights, but it will just cause failure with anything more.
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