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Greg Everett
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Bottom line is that there's no single formula that will work across the board. It will have to be modified according to each individual's work capacity/recovery ability. A guy like Josh can clearly handle a huge workload successfully. Others would get buried by a schedule like that. How much you can handle is something you have to find out through experimentation.
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Allen Yeh
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Originally Posted by josh everett View Post
basically I workout mtwth and sat
monday thru thursday consists of about 45-60min of o-lifting(lifts & assistance movements) with rotating in stuff like HSPU, KB's, bent rows, dips, DB incline, glute-hams, ect changing up my exercises on top of o-lifting every 8-10 weeks.
saturdays are heavy sn, C&J, squat
after lifting:mon & wed is generally track workouts(400's, or 300's, or 200's), or hill sprints or bleachers, or a crossfit WOD
After lifting T&TH is generally agility & short sprints
Fridays sometimes I play pick-up basketball or run a few 100's or rest if I'm worn out from the week.
A few weeks out of the year I'll exclusively follow the wod. 1 week out from "big" meets I'll drop running & CF.

Wow...this makes me tired just looking at it!
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Robb Wolf
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Great thread! Thank you everyone.
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