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Garrett Smith
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If you can do snatches without it hurting your wrist, then you have a major form problem on the clean...to put it simply.

Remember that the KB goes around the hand/arm on a clean, not OVER the hand (and subsequently crashing on the wrist/forearm).

Cleans are very difficult (compared to snatches, IMO). Practice putting the KB into the rack, helping with your other hand, then kicking it out (mostly down) to the "hang" position to learn the groove of the clean from the top down.
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Catherine Imes
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The movement to get the clean to the rack is not unlike the movement to bring the snatch to lockout in terms of what you do with your hand. In fact, in terms of where the bell rest, it is the same position.

Here is a video I shot on Saturday of a 20kg LCC&J set. Look at my hand position in the rack, and when I go overhead. My overhead position in the Jerk is identical to the overhead lockout/position of the snatch.


It is definitely a form issue. Practice what Garrett said. Bring the bell to the rack with two hands. Can you get it to a comfortable spot "Manually"? If not, it could be your KB, but I suspect this isn't the issue if you can get to the right spot in the hand on the snatch. Of course, your idea of the right spot and my idea of the right spot may be 2 different things

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Derek Simonds
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Catherine that set was a thing of beauty. Having just started working with LCC&J I can see several things I could do more efficiently. First is my jerk technique is decidedly more hard style and yours is just so smooth.

Thanks for the video.
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Catherine Imes
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Thanks Derek. The main thing that I have tried to improve on is my speed/quickness getting under the bell so that my shoulders don't do anything but "lockout". I think that has helped make it look smoother. I watched Valery enough times to realize that he looks smooth, but he is also unbelievably quick.

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Stefan Borovina
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Thanks for the new video Catherine... I am going to try again tomorrow. I ehar what your saying about my technique being off... but even when I put the bell into the rack position with my other hand I feel alot of pressure on my wrist and forearm. Maybe the handle on my bell is a little different? I have never used any other kettlebell except for the muscle driver one I have now.

Either way I will try again tomorrow. Thanks again.
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