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Tirzah Harper
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Camille, I think you're right, but that's their formula for my height/weight aiming to lose weight.
I haven't been tracking food since vacation and I'm not sure if I want to start up again or not. I've enjoyed not having to remember and quantify what I eat; I'm just not sure how much I need to watch how much I eat at this point to maintain where I'm at. I think I'll go a few weeks of eating well but not tracking, at least.
So if you plug your height, weight, and weight goals into a site such as daily plate, what do they give you for daily calorie goal?
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Camille Lore
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If I put in "very active" and " lose 1 lb per week", it tells me to eat 2,071 calories a day.
If I use the "moderately active" I think it's around 1700 per day.
I used "moderately active" for awhile now, but noticed before I started zoning that I would lose when I ate 1400. I wasn't sure if that was healthy though bc it seemed pretty low.
I sit at a desk all day and don't track my exercise. However, I do swim about 3 times a week during lunch and do the CFE workouts. I really don't know how much I should be eating. 11 blocks has been anywhere from 1400-1700 a day for me, with cheating.
I feel pretty lost and don't want to undereat.
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