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Garrett Smith
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Default Free gymnastics info at TheGymPress.net

While it is oriented towards gymnastics-specific training (so a lot of it is over many of our heads/desires), the newsletters are worth a look:


Garrett Smith NMD CSCS BS, aka "Dr. G"
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Steven Low
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The newsletters are good stuff.

The guy who publishes that (Valentin Uzunov) is "Levski" over at http://www.drillsandskills.com if you ever wanted to ask him any questions that is.

edit: scratch that, he visits here too.

What up Valentin?
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Valentin Uzunov
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Hi everyone

and now you can ask me on here. Thank you Garrett Smith for posting a link to TheGymPress on this cool forum (which i hope to join and contribute to).
Hi Steve, things are going good, really busy. Big competition this week, have 1 girl hoping to make the regional team (needs to own this meet to secure herself a sure spot) and get herself to Nationals this year, the other girl in her level is already on the team. Aside from that, trying not to get hypothermia, New Zealand is soooo cold, have some kind of a storm coming so things aren't good.

The good news is that TheGymPress will going through a serious make over, and i hope to included Physical Conditioning as well, so that its not just specific to Gymnastics. I think that Gymnastics can benefit a great deal from dance, martial arts training, cross-fit, etc. So i am hoping to expand the content of the publication.

Valentin Uzunov
Founder of TheGymPress
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