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Dave Van Skike
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what's the heal height like on those botev's?
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Greg Everett
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Low. 22 mm difference between toe and heel. Compared to older Adidas (equips), which are 23 mm difference.
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Jarod Barker
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How's the sizing on Adidas? I tried on a VS Athletics 9.5 that felt a bit tight on length but a tad wide. I'm guessing a 10 as long as the sizing is pretty consistent from brand to brand. Although I spotted a size 8 on ebay, and the seller said the shoe was 11 inches, which is actually bigger than my foot? So either they're talking euro sizes or I need another ruler.
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Jarod Barker
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Just thought I would share these. Apparently they are the most expensive weightlifting shoes ever made. Kinda cool looking actually, but I doubt they're very functional.

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Paul McKirdy
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Originally Posted by Carl Chia View Post
I'm using adistar. I have somewhat wide feet and I feel slight discomfort at times.. so I guess adidas is better suited for people with narrow feet. It's serving me fine though.
Double plus on this. I will be ordering Rogue's either next week or the week after. When I move up over 315 on squats or deads, my feet kill me the next day using Adidas Ironworks II... Asked Coach Rip about wide feet and he recommended the Rogues, "Yeah, ducks can wear them.", so that is what I am going to try next.
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