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sarena kopciel
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Default Why I Lift Weights

Found this link on CFNYC and it spoke to me totally! I too was the obese woman who couldnt breath crossing the street some days to now obsessing over a few xtra pounds on my body!! Yeah maybe I should just accept those lbs and get on with my lifting!!

Someone said to me this week that I should give up lifting as at my age, I will never make any huge PRs. My response--I love it too much and it has given me renewed health and vigor in life Hey when I got a new AC at Costco and brought it home, my husband asked how it is gonna get into the house. My response, same way it got into the car--ME!
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Camille Lore
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Very good article. I can relate. I feel stronger and more able now than 6 months ago when I had an extra 20lbs or so on me and wasn't really exercising.
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