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sarena kopciel
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Originally Posted by Justin Fricke View Post
I find the same for Chiropratics-the bone goes "out of place" the next day when the existing muscle imbalance takes hold again. At times Chiro can be good but very rarely does the problem exist from the bone. I agree Manual Therapy and PT is most effective--followed by a good coach. Is your link in any way related to the practice of the American Academy of Orthopedic Medicine. I dont think it is but i am wondering if he gets some of his theories and philosophies from them.
Theories are based on the works of Dr Janet Travell textbooks
Myofascial Pain and Discomfort, Trigger Point Manual

and also that of Paul St. John

The cool thing about my coaches is that they integrate this work with their lifters specific and unique body mechanics based on this work!
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Justin Fricke
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Thanks Sarena. That is cool that your coaches do that. A Multi Skilled clinic traing center is what my dreams are. I want incorparate a the practice of Physical Therapist/Assistants, CSCS/USAW, and an RD in a g ym type setting. At this moment is a long shot but i have my BA in Sports Management/Ex. Science and currently studying to be a PTA. with the asperations of getting my DPT later. I first need to finish the first part of my journey though! Thanks for the Cites.
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