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Paul McKirdy
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thought determines reality.

most athletically inclined folks are damned determined.

i know that 0-60 yards toting a wheelbarrow with 300+ pounds in it is damn easy. but at 120 yards on it starts to take what I can only imagine is equivalent to the concentration of a Zen Buddhist Master to keep the brain from sending an involuntary "LET GO RIGHT )(*#)(*@()*#)(*@ NOW!" signal. i know that the more i do it the farther and more weight i will be able to carry without even having to expend will for anything more than putting one foot in front of the other.

thought determines reality. the mind controls the body and even reprograms DNA inside of a lifespan of executed will. physics always wins.

any pill or substance is merely a pseudo belief releaser. once we meditate enough to reprogram DNA to produce carbon nano-tube cell walls that can even produce energy via photosynthesis for our cells it's going to be an interesting day. but hey, if the placebo of a pill gets someone working its all good, I'll stick with training my will and executing its course. it's been producing interesting results in the past few months.

training simply wakes us up to the fact that water really is incompressible. and as far as animals go, forget rats, I want to be as strong as a squirrel. anything that can run up and down a tree by claws and can leap from what I have seen almost ten times its body length is pretty impressive.
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