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Steve Liberati
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I've found that by simply contracting my abs (or "abdominal bracing" as commonly referred to by Stuart McGill) during many of the compound exercises namely f/b/o squats, deads, shoulder presses, etc. to not only help with improving my strength numbers, but strengthening my abs and low back extensors as well.
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Allen Yeh
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Ab wheel fun courtesy of Ross:

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Dave Ogilbee
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Originally Posted by Tom Rawls View Post

My primary sport these days is rowing. People call it "power/endurance." It doesn't require explosive power, though. I like doing strength training, strength being something of a euphemism in my case. The lifting is particularly helpful for the work I do in my woods, felling and the like.

Recently I got an ab wheel. Sounds as though it might prove to be a worthwhile purchase. I need to make it my friend.
Sounds like you have some intensive outdoor hobbies! Wish I could go out and fell some trees around where I'm at!
But if you're regularly doing the rowing and felling, it should give you a heck of a lot of endurance. If your wanting to get stronger in the core, doing different things like the ab wheel and other maneuvers that will confuse your muscles are what I would reccommend. Never really got into the ab wheel myself, but I might give it a go one of these days when I want to throw something new into the mix.
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