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Darryl Shaw
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Default Slow food.

Anyone for roast tortoise?


Cavemen’s ready meal was a tortoise.
Tuesday, August 5, 2008.

Yum! Quick supper for cavemen Cavemen – fearless and hardy hunter-gatherers who stalked woolly mammoths, speared sabre-toothed tigers and wrestled wolves.

Well, not always, it seems. Some were slightly less fearless – and hunted, er, tortoises.

Proving that some idle cavemen favoured the less arduous gathering half of their lives, the remains of 526 roasted tortoises have been found in a cave occupied by early humans.

The 2.5million-year-old fossils show the troglodytes cooked the creatures whole over fires and then cracked off their shells by throwing them against rocks.

Hundreds of other bones – including lions, dwarf elephants and hippos – were also found, suggesting the occupants did not always opt for 'convenience food'.

Back then, man was walking upright and beginning to develop hunter-gatherer skills.

The find in Spain's Bolomor caves suggests he had also realised catching slow-moving food was easier than going after big prey – something which seems obvious today.

But bigger, faster animals also formed a major part of his diet – scores of bird, deer, rabbit and cattle bones were also found.

And the tortoises – the same variety used as pets – might not have been as easy to catch as you would think.

Modern tribes are known to coax the animals out of burrows with bowls of water.
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Scott Hanson
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Default Slow Food

Had to point out that the time seems off by at least a million years too early for humans in Europe. Also, the "tortoise" picture is actually a sea turtle.

Interesting find, though.
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