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Matt Corley
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Default A good time to start the current cycle

I've just started SS b/c my lifts (a strength) are really lacking, CFT 455 at a BW 185. Anyway, I'm happy with the progress that I'm making and the workouts as well, but I'd really like to start doing the PM WODs once I'm done with that. I really enjoy the taste of O-lifting that I've gotten.

Would the current cycle be a good place to start, when I've finished with SS? I have had a little bit a coaching with the O-lifts, and plan on getting the new book as well as more coaching over the next month or so.

Thanks in advance,

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Steven Low
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That's fine to be honest.

As part of some skill work before you do SS you might want to the Burgener warmup and maybe some snatch/C&J work just to reinfornce good technique.
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Matt Corley
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Searched at Mike's Gym and found the warmup. I'll get my CF coach to go over it with me next time that I see him. Thanks,
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Jody Woodland
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I was in a similar position about 6 months ago when I started SS to get back into strength training. Definitely a good way to start as I've added 40% to my squats and deadlifts and 20-25% to bench and presses. After finding some coaching on cleans, I too got a taste for the O lifts.

Because I also wanted to incorporate more CF-style metcon (currently pretty fat) I started by kind of following the MTWFS pattern here at PM. I did SS on MWF and O lift technique work on Tues and Sat.

This week I've jumped to the PM WODs, though I still have some fondness for my SS stuff, so I'm adding the occasional assistance exercises to kind of maintain some progress there. I doubt that I'll be able to do that in the Bulgarian cycles, though. Can't have everything.

I'm sure you're on the right track. Like Dan John is fond of saying - everything works, for awhile. Cheers.
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