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Charles Moreland
Join Date: Apr 2008
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Sunday Workout 9/28

Todays workout was substituted with a gymnastics style routine due to my involvement with the Gymnastics Club here at RIT.

Warm up-

5 skin the cat
20 second false grip hangs
5 half bodyweight pull ups
10 Bulgarian dips

Work out -

Straddle back lever hold 10 seconds 1x5
Front support L-sit hold 30 seconds 1x3
Back hang kip to L-support hold 15 seconds 2x5

Today marks my first day devoted to a rings work out routine. The elbow is feeling great and my kips were pretty much flawless and involved no pulling at all. My support holds were still a little shaky but felt great.

I lost my back lever which I'm not thrilled about, but getting it back should be quick.

This workout, although I'm still not exactly 100% back, marks the beginning of my road to the Iron Cross.

Here I come.
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Charles Moreland
Join Date: Apr 2008
Posts: 52

Friday Workout 10/3

This is way late, but for a reasonÖ

Warm up-

1 hour of Tae Kwon Do
2 minutes rowing


295# Squats 2◊5 1◊3
45# Dips 3◊5
125# Clean 3◊5
225# Deadlift 1◊5


5sec Negative Pullup 2◊10

Today marks my first failure at moving weight in my squat. This is severely depressing to me.

With that said, I did wait nearly a week before once again going to the gym. Also it was at the end of the day. To compound this, I lost 5 lbs during that week break while maintaining at least 4000kcal a day.

Regardless of this depressing end, I feel that starting strength has gotten me a great step in the right direction for my training to come. Iíll address this in my next post.
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Charles Moreland
Join Date: Apr 2008
Posts: 52

As mentioned in my last post, my training has not exactly come to a fork in the road, but rather a smaller more direct road. I spent a total of 66 days on the Starting Strength program, which Iíll admit isnít that long of a time.

In two months, I gained 15 lbs of almost pure muscle. My body fat percentage varied between days from 7% to 8%. The effectiveness of this routine is mind boggling.

How much my progression is attributed to genetics I do not know. However, near double bodyweight squats in two months is purely astounding.

My training is going to shift slightly; things will be added and things will be taken away. I enjoy the place where I am at right now and feel like I have a good foot in the door for whatís to come.

Once I have my new routine solidified and figured out I will update.
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Charles Moreland
Join Date: Apr 2008
Posts: 52

Saturday Workout 10/11

Warm up -

10 push ups
15 half body weight slanted pull ups
20 second false grip hang 1x3

Work out-

30 second Front Support hold 2x3
Bulgarian dips 2x10
1 minute tuck planche hold 5 reps
1 minute tuck front lever hold 7 reps
1 minute advanced tuck back lever hold 5 reps

Elbow work -

Still doing GTG negatives with much success. Today I did a 25 foot rope climb while in an L-sit that didn't seem to bother me at all. I'll start to transition tomorrow into very low rep concentric pull ups.

This workout has pretty much destroyed my upper body. All work here was done on rings.
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