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Neill Smith
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Default Postural Alignment

What methods do people recommend for diagnosing, fixing, and training postural (mis)alignment?

Background: I tore my Achilles' tendon and had it surgically repaired in February. I'm just starting back with anything that involves coming up on the toes (running, jumping, cleaning), and want to be careful not to develop asymmetries. Also, I've gotten back spasms that knock me pretty far off-center about once a year for the past twelve years.

Thanks in advance for the help.
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Steven Low
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Generally, you can do it with pictures of a persons posture, gait analysis, looking for tight muscles during stretching, etc.

I mean really depends on what you're looking for (or trying to avoid). Legs are pretty easy to mess up if you've had an injury to one because of compensation, but I'd talk to your PT first and see what they have to say (if they can look at you to see if you're developing any problems).
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sarena kopciel
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INT is awesome in this regard!!
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