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Anton Emery
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So still making progress on Starting Strength, though a bit slower. I have been on it almost two months exactly. Gained 20 or so lbs so far. A bit of it is fat, as some of my jeans and work pants don't fit.

I filmed my squat a few weeks ago when i was going for 270 x 5 and realized i was squatting way high. I incrementally lowered the weight and was still squatting high till i got back down to 225lbs. So i reset back to there and worked my way back up to 270 as of last week, this time making sure i went low enough. its much harder. I think in the beginning i was going low enough, according to some folks i had watch, but as the weight got heavier i subconsciously started stopping high, and it was during that time that i had no one to check out my form. So my lifts are now:

Squat 270 x 5
Bench 195 x 5
Deadlift 280 x 5 (feels easy)
Press 128 x 5

So greatly improved from where i started but not that great considering i am 20lbs heavier. Though hopefully i can cut the fat when done.

My problem now is to convince myself to stick it out till Xmas. I miss Juijitsu alot, and i hate it when i go to class and have absolutely to conditioning. I figure its the 20 extra lbs, plus the fact that i have done no GPP outside of occasional rolling. Part of me wants to finish what i started, might as well take advantage of all the food around the holidays, and part of me wants to move onto some sort of intermediate phase and start dropping the fat. My wife says i should stick with it, its only three months total and i can get BJJ back on track when i am done.

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