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Gant Grimes
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I've rarely done anything over 10 minutes in six months.

I have recently put on 6 kilos of decent mass by eating an extra 60g protein a day and a big bowl of ice cream right before bed.

Workout is the same. Heavy lifting, no splits, limited metcon.
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Steve Ericson
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Originally Posted by Mike ODonnell View Post
Eat a ton pwo focusing carb loads either 1-2x a week
could you expand on this a little concerning why, how much and what kind of carbs?

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Jacob Rowell
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Seems to be the party line here, but yes, cut down the metcons to just a couple a week, and keep them short.

Given that one of your goals seems to be a high-level of GPP, I would suggest alternating periods of lifting/short metcons with CrossFit workouts. You could even make it a seasonal thing.

At CrossFit RVA, we'll be essentially doing this for the greater part of the winter. We;re cutting the length of metcon work, producing shorter, heavier workouts, with plenty of lifting days. Add in a little extra skill work to fill in the time gap, and I believe that everyone will come out strong, fit, and ready for some longer workouts in the spring.
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