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Coach Rutherford
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What is an acceptable range in professional sports has already been nudged upward to account for super freak T levels. In addition, when you read about an NFL player who has been suspended for use, he has already failed a test several times. It was his inability to get it adjusted down to meet the already inflated numbers.

Also, lifestyle will only give an older guy/gal so much back. It's not possible for a 60 year old to live a hormone perfect life (heavy singles, 9-10 hours of sleep,....the NHE life) and think that his lifestyle & three capsules of ZMA are going to give him the GH release of his 23 year old grandson. If this is happening then they could sell the shizzle for $500 a bottle.

Then again maybe tinkering (RW speak) with programmed death isn't suppose to happen.
Coach Rut Light Weight Baby!
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Steve Shafley
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I know 3 people (personally, in real life, as more than casual acquaintances) who utilize exogenous testosterone. Only one of them does it legally, and under the supervision of an experienced GP and endocrinologist.

He was frustrated with general fatigue levels, an inability to sleep, and completely stalled progress on his powerlifting. He finally went to his GP, and they tested him, and he was low. After trying the androgel and disliking it, he now takes a weekly injection that puts him at the mid-to-high levels of physiological "normal".

He was astounded by the results. More energy, more "zest", better lifting, better mood...he suspects it might have helped smooth his marriage out a bit. He's 41 years old, and his family and friends were glad to see the "old" him back.

The potential for abuse is there, but it's a legitimate medical practice that will see a more widespread acceptance in the next decade or so, as someone mentioned above.

Not for everybody, but nothing to be ashamed of doing, if necessary.
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Mike ODonnell
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The legal term will be "anti-aging" medicine for HRT. If you start promoting performance enhancing then be prepared for the FDA and who ever to keep their eye on you.

There was the baseball player this year who also took GH and had a "legal perscription" from his doctor because his levels were low. Baseball still saw it as a performance enhancer and he still was in trouble. There are no real precedents set yet legally for what constitutes neccessary dosages of HRT, but I am sure it will come as more and more people are exposed to it.

I bet if a pharma company had the legal rights to HRT they would already have their TV commercials out there showing happy healthy people.

By the time I am in my elder years I am sure there will be anti-aging clinics with built in Starbucks where i can get a latte with GH.
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