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omar arvizu
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Default Starting IF

Before u go over my story, muy question is that sisnce I do "manual labour" tues and thurs, 8 hour shifts and can't workout until 5:30pm, I really need to eat during my job. So I break my fast at the same time as I do in normal days (after my noon WOD) but I use a protein/high fat meal with no more than 2 blcks of carbs form fruit.
I just found out about the forum and been going through it lots!
I started with the Zone after my crossfit level 1 cert. I work on a corrsfit gym as a trainer and been seeing grreat results with just a month on the Zone. Th eonly things is that I splurged too much on the weekends and I have never really been a big fan of breakfast since I triend the Warrior diet about 3 years ago. I went back to eating a "hearty breakfast" abot a month ago until I came with Robb Wolf's Blog.
I started IF this week, its so easy to follow the window, I love the fact of feeling that fst in the morning and having three big meals during my window. I do a 16ish hour fast (9pm-1pm) and follow the Zone (20 blocks).. with 10 carb block on the from of sweet potatoes after my WODs and substitute 8 of my other carbs for fat.
I'm 208lbs, around 12% BF, My goal is to get around or below 10%, keep my performance pregressing and be able to eat more (FAT)!!!
Thanks for any advice...
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omar arvizu
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Sorry I realize I didn't put my question... So what do u guys think about breaking my fast on my training days bfore I workout. It gets tuff to be shoveling and carrying heavy stuff on an empty stomach.
Oh and only those days i'll drink coffee during the morning period.
Any comments on the # of blocks as well?? I don't mind mesuring since I've been doing it for awhile now.
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George Mounce
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Try many ways, see what works best for you. Sorry if thats a lame answer, but its really how you figure out how it works. I would break the fast and finish the eating at least 1 hour prior to your workout. Nothing worse than getting close to puking with undigested food in your stomach.

I would not use Zone measurements if using IF, but I would track your intake for awhile with something like www.fitday.com and make sure you are getting enough of what you need. You can't go wrong with plenty of good meats and veggies thats for sure.
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