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Fenthis Glusos
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Default Good spices/herbs/marinades?

Just wondering what good flavoring I could use to spruce up my meat and cooked veggies with from time to time. I see a lot of stuff in the stores carrying around some unfavorable loads, like corn starch, sugar and so on so I'm looking for some "beneficial" sauces instead. haha.

Already I consume things like mustard, basil, garlic, parsley, oregano, nutmeg (A LOT of nutmeg actually, I love this stuff), cinnamon, salt...so I need to branch out WIDELY as things are starting to get old quick. I've been experimenting with turmeric lately with some rice but it has ZERO taste - I'm disappointed.

I was using cayenne a few weeks ago but it was firing up my piss too much and now I'm sore you know where. Cayenne was the terrific taste to me, but I'm afraid hot and spicy is going to burn my dick clean off if I continue consuming it. Strange, but it may be because I was using a 180 hu cayenne/chili (typical being from 30 - 90hu) concoction and in large quantities. Stupid me, I went overboard and now my adrenals and penis are upset with me. This is not even a joke.

I could go on, but I should stop now to spare the children.
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Darryl Shaw
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I generally prefer Indian or asian spice mixes and marinades but there are plenty of other recipes you can experiment with -

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Garrett Smith
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An herb mix called "Herbes de Provence". I love it.

Yeah, if the cayenne is burning on the way out, it's also burning things on the inside most likely--you just aren't as "sensitive" on the inside. You may want to avoid peppers (and possibly the other nightshades in general). See my PMenu articles for more info. Capsaicin is a nasty bugger, there's a whole article just on that one.
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