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Darryl Shaw
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Default Normal-Weight Obesity.

"Normal weight obesity appears to be highly prevalent," Lopez-Jimenez noted, "constituting more than half of the patients with a normal weight as defined by the BMI." Of the total 2,127 subjects in the study, 1,321 had normal weight obesity, while 806 had a normal body fat content.

If 1 in 3 people are clinically overweight/obese according to their BMI and half of all people who are a normal/healthy weight according to their BMI's are carrying so much fat they're also obese I can't help wondering what the true figure for the number of people who are overweight/obese might be; half the population perhaps?
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Garrett Smith
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At least. There is so little muscle on people these days, even the "skinnier" people I see have hanging skin it seems...
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George Mounce
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I have to agree, there are a bunch of "skinny fat" weak people out there, some overweight people that are strong as oxes, and a few that are strong and lean that make up a minority.
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