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Donald Lee
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The Z-Health stuff is pretty expensive, but I just ordered the R-Phase Package. Do you still need to do passive stretching (i.e., PNF) to increase flexibility while doing Z-Health? I have major hamstring tightness that is improving very slowly and holding back my training and recovery from a lower back sprain.

My hamstrings are always really tight until I do some major PNF stretching. Is this a mobility issue? I'm starting to do some self-myofascial release on them, which is painful. Before stretching, I can bend over about 45 degrees with the GM stretch. After some PNF, I can get to about 90 degrees. It's frustrating that my hamstrings are always so tight, even after doing leg swings and the cossak.

Thanks for the tip about Z-Health, Dr. G.
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Garrett Smith
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It could be a mobility issue, particularly in your ankle(s).

It might be worth it to you to get a private session with Dr. Cobb when he is in your area.

Hamstrings also just require a lot of stretching, because we sit so much. I found huge results in my hamstring flexibility by going to yoga 1+ times/week plus some extra stretching during the week.
Garrett Smith NMD CSCS BS, aka "Dr. G"
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Blair Lowe
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btw, Garrett, just to clarify Sonnon was not involved with Systema, per say under Vlad and Mikhail; but another similar system. They are similar and they aren't depending on where, who, and what the instructors were involved with in the Russian Mil. I see Sonnon's stretching as the russian stuff meets yoga. More than likely, Sonnon was familiar with yoga before the russian stuff or incorporated yogic elements into the russian body physical preparation.

If you have ever seen the Japanese calesthenics from their school system, it's very similar to Z-health and you'll see a lot of Japanese sensei do it in their various systems from karate to judo to kendo.

Pavel's stuff doesn't seem so RMA-like or yogic. There are very interesting stretches but I haven't seen anything that requires flowing body techniques. I think this has to do with the fact that Pavel isn't involved in RMA AFAIK.
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Just a few quick comments on Sonnons stuff.

I've done Yoga for Blokes, Bikrams and Scott Sonnons Intu Flow and Prasara.

Out of all of them, I have personally found Sonnons stuff has had a bigger improvement on my performance than anything else I've tried.

Most of the Yoga I had done up to that point had involved moving into poses and holding them. I saw improved -flexibility- very quickly.

Sonnons stuff is more about moving between the poses rather than the poses them selves and I saw improved -mobility- very quickly.

Trying to learn Sonnons stuff from the internet is very difficult. I tried it and just could not 'get it'. I then took one of the 3 day CST courses, and its slowly falling into place.

If your just starting out, then I would urge you to buy the Intu Flow DVDs. They are very well done and you can easily pick up the basics in your own time. The ebook is a good reference, but you need to see the movements to be able to follow them.

Everyone I know that has tried Intu Flow has found significant improvements in their mobility. After 6 months of 10 min practice per day I almost have the same range of motion as my 4yr old daughter again.

I do Intu flow as part of my CF warm up.

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Ben Fury
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Default I like the pop n lock

I like his pop n lock moves, the yoga part's boring, I could really get into the grand mal seizure move. Spazzing out comes naturally to me. I doubt I could master the pop n lock stuff, never could do the robot or any of those dances.
Be well,
Ben Fury, CFT, CMT

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Linus Hector
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I´d like a copy.

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